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Monitoring sleep state and sending out alarm signal according to the state and acute disease.


The advantages of this system is to transmit “sudden acute disease” signal by the wireless way through the wrist pulse- monitoring devices and to avoid the inconvenience of wired connections .the signals of sound or telephone voice alarm can be produced by the bedside wireless receiving device



Sleep is an important physiological phenomenon, by sleeps humans can eliminate fatigye and recovery mental and physical strength well,  after sleeping ,humans can maintain a good wakefulness, and improve working and learning efficiency .if the sleep disturbs it will directly affect our work and life and even produce the disease .


In this project, we are sensing the pulse rate of wrist. If the pulse is above/below the normal pulse rate, then the pulse rate sends the sms through the gsm modem & simulataneously it sends to the receiver through the zigbee receiver and gives the alarm. If you want the pulse rate at any time of the person then sends the message to the GSM modem then GSM modem will transmit the pulse rate as a message to the person.



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6.Remote sleep monitoring and medical alarm system

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