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An Interactive RFID-based Bracelet for Airport Luggage Tracking System

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a promising technology that has been implemented lately in airports. RFID tags are used to identify and track the location of passengers’ luggage. This paper investigates the use of an interactive bracelet that communicates with the RFID system by mean of a database application. The database system interacts with the bracelet using messages that inform the passenger about his luggage status.  The proposed database design and implementation are also discussed to describe the different functionalities of the application.


  1. Interfacing RFID  Module to Controller
  2. Interfacing   ROBO  to Controller
  3. Interfacing   LCD module  to Controller


1.This project is used to tracking the incoming goods and outgoing goods at a godown.

2.It can be used for tracking vehicles at a parking lot and store the information of the vehicles in the parking lot.


Software Requirements:

  1. Microcontroller IDE(For Writing the Code)             …………………………
  2. Programmer Application (For Dumping the Code)   ………………………….
  3. Simulation Software.



Hardware Requirements:

  1. Microcontroller   ………………………….
  2. Power Supply Unit
  3. RFID  Modules
  4. LCD Modules
  5. RFID Tags
  6. ROBO(chasi,L293D,2motors,2wheels,1 free wheel)



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