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IEEE 2013 / 2014 Final Year Academic projects ECE / EEE /Civil and International Journals.As the cost of projects have increased due to increase in budjet and other categories, please confirm the Price before depositing.

M.Tech Projects

  • Rs.10,000/- per project = If there is any Hardware – Price of the Hardware is extra.
  • Hardware can also be allocated for Rent == 60 – 70% depending on the project ! (Max. 1 week time to return back).
  • Rs.8,000/- per project == if there are 6 or more than – as a bulk.
  • Paper publication = costing for the publications are as per the Journals Costings and content writing – per page Rs.1,000/- will be extra.

?   We have a different Project – different Idea ?

Ans: We will provide complete solution – but please get us the abstract or a write up in-order to work on that and get a perfect clarity.

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i need a image processing steganography ieee project………

Dear Aditya Kolladi – you will be updated with the asked content in a day.
Thankyou for contacting us – we are working to improve the services and support and get back to the queries as soon as possible.

Next time we will be back with the solutions within 24 hours.


sir i need M.Tech Projects in DIp and Networking


i need projects in optical networking concept.

Dear Sir, I have a base paper titled “data hiding in motion vectors of compressed video based on their associated prediction error”. Can you please help by implementing it sir?


i need M.Tech Projects in RFID based veh tracking with automatic updation using SMS, email using NFC


i need ieee project on rfid, nfc

do u have project on this->FireCol: A Collaborative Protection Network
for the Detection of Flooding DDoS Attacks<- and is yes what will be the cost?do u have branch in bangalore??

I am a M. tech final year student in ECE (VLSI and Embedded Systems)… I need recent ieee projects… pls help me to find my topics… I need to submit my topic within a week… which field is better to do my project..

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